Monday, March 03, 2008

Cloud of knowing

Quite a while ago now, Chris posted a link to Craig's page where he'd used tag clouds (as seen on various blogs) to examine the Bible. He's got each of the four gospels, the ten commandments etc etc. He's used a thing called tag crowd.

I thought I'd have a little go at it and I've done Philippians and a bit of Isaiah I'm looking at with our young people. It may seem a slightly odd thing to do and some might think it rather to "critical" or scientific or bookish but I think it's a good way to get past our own prejudices in reading a text. These are the words which feature most often. We might feel or think that another message is there but this is what the text is saying.


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I think what interested me most was that Paul's own name come sup a lot. It is a pretty personal book. What about the second part of Isaiah which our group Proverbs is looking at tomorrow...

This is Isaiah 45-66

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