Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesus and a donkey

We had our usual Palm Sunday dramatised Gospel yesterday. Well actually not our usual one as David K had put a lot of work into making it different. James, one of our youth leaders took on the role of Jesus in white overalls which worked rather well.

Then in the afternoon, I was transported back to my childhood days as Michael and I went along for the Donkey Walk at St Peter's in Micklefield. We used to have a donkey at All Saints but it was "long ago, so very long ago"! There are more pics on the Flickr site including a few when the donkey refused to move and Michael had to help persuade him down the hill and away from the clover!! There was nearly one of the donkey doing one the more smelly things which donkeys do but I resisted!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute donkey! I'm starting to think there's a decided lack of donkeys in my life!