Monday, November 05, 2007

Where is Merovinge anyway???

It doesn't happend often but yesterday someone expressed an interest in my PhD thesis.

This time it was even for somthing other than needing a large heavy book to flatten something with!

Bishop Alan
came to All Saints' yesterday to license David as the Area Dean. Alan had just returned from St Wandrille, a monastery in Rouen and he referred to this place in his sermon and the word Merovingian was used in All Saints' and not by me! Goodness!

I know this may seem entirely bizarre (particularly to anyone looking for something about youth work!) but it is faintly pleasing that the three years I spent toiling on some translations elicits a little interest from a noble few every now and then.

So, for those in that very small band, a reminder that you can have a look at some of the twenty saints lives of Merovingian bishops which I translated over at my Latin blog. There is only a small selection as I haven't really got round to putting them all up (or indeed locating all of the electronic files on the antique non internet pc upstairs!). However to any fans of St Wandrille, both the lives of Lantbert of Lyons and Ansbert of Rouen do include his name and their connection with him.

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