Saturday, November 10, 2007

Affirming Liberalism

Richard has flagged up a new initiative in the diocese that might well be of interest to those with a more liberal side.

Affirming Liberalism is described as a "Church of England network to affirm and support Liberal Christians and Liberal Christianity in the Oxford Diocese… and beyond".

I suppose this brings some balance to the Liberal/Evangelical/Catholic triangle.

I particularly like the phrases about ways we approach our faith:

  • Affirming the positive impact of biblical, literary and historical criticism for our engagement with Scripture and Tradition.
  • Affirming appreciation of the distinctive nature of religious language in vibrant worship which connects us to the divine.
  • Affirming a philosophical approach to Christian faith and the search for truth through God-given reason.
  • Affirming the positive insights of the natural sciences and mathematics in the formation of a Christian world-view and understanding of the universe.
  • Affirming the positive impact of the social sciences for understanding human nature and society, and developing Christian ethics.
  • Affirming the vitality of the performing and creative arts in shaping a dynamic Christian vision of life lived in relation to God.
If you want to know more, you may consider looking at the conference on 9th February, contacting them or just keeping an eye on their site.


Phil G said...

are these phrases liberal? they sound like common sense to me!? maybe it's just me...

Sarah Brush said...

Phil... maybe that's your liberal tendencies coming out!