Sunday, August 06, 2006

Out of place

I've been feeling all week that I'm not quite in the right place. Not a personal thing (not a marriage thing either still annoyingly happy- panic not people!) but more a spiritual one.

Mel and I discussed it this morning. We both felt the same

We should be in Taize right now.

Taize 05 011
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Instead we were both in All Saints this Sunday for our regular service - in its faintly strange summer mode without some regular faces, with new visitors and without choir! I realised I'd not been at All Saints on this particular Sunday for THREE YEARS now. It wasn't dreadful. It was just strange.

Nic is in Taize(coming home tomorrow) and we would have been but for various reasons we didn't go this year. I was ok with it but in fact it has felt very strange not to be there. I've had oodles more time to sort out our parish youth holiday which is pretty much all there now (whereas if I'd been in Taize I'd be facing much of it on Tuesday with four days to go). Also I've had a week with my darling hubby who I would have missed dreadfully - and who I will miss on a week away with our parish group :o(

Yet in spite of all that I really missed Taize. It has such a feeling of HOME that it is a weird kind of homesickness. I imagine when Nic returns on Monday it won't feel so bad - though I know several people who'll be going over the next few weeks and some will even be there for the anniversary of Br Roger's death on the 16th.

I suppose, on the good side, this means I'll be all the more eager to go NEXT SUMMER and it will be VERY EXCITING because I know some of the All Saints yougn people will come with us for the first time.

Until then though it's nostalgia time with some pics!

Taize 7
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Taize 05 064
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More on my Flickr pages if you're interested.

Taize 05 005
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Taize 05 032
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Calia77 said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes you just feel a little like an alien in your normal place, sometimes because you would normally be doing something else, sometimes because the Spirit is nudging you. And sometimes - just because!

Mel said...


Roll on Taize 2007!