Friday, August 11, 2006

Death penalty for pick pocket who's just a "nipper"

Life is still rpetty hectic but God just keeps sending little rays of sunshine through the whirlwind. We got an unexpected discount onthe minibus. We finally sort one of the activities as the place got back to me AT LAST and then there are little news stories like this one:

A man lost his wallet while was swimming in plymouth sound but recovered it because....

... a lobster caught it (or should I say pinched it??) and some diver picked up the lobster later that day!

All very amusing until the closing lines of the news item.
The man retrieved his wallet.

The lobster was eaten.

Kinda sad really.

Lament for the brave helpful lobster. :o(

1 comment:

Sprog said...

Haha, i love plymouth.