Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Enviromentally Friend

Sorry for the long blog silence but there's been a youth holiday and a trip to Holy island (and Michael's mother and friends) and then back to work with a massive thwunk!

However in my absence a family friend has got herself in the headlines just for going to a wedding. Ok well it's not JUST going to a wedding. It is a wedding in Brisbane. Ok it's not just a wedding in Brisbane, she is getting there by going over land!

Barbara is doing all this because she wants to limit the effect of her trip on the environment in the form of carbon emissions. Go and have a look at all she has to say now (and during her trip).

Here's the breakdown of the CO2 emissions of her trip and the standard trip:

Machynlleth - London:
230 miles, by coach = 20,700 grams CO2

London - Moscow:
1924 miles, by coach = 173,160 grams CO2

Moscow - Beijing:
5772.8 kilometers, by train = 418,528 grams CO2

Beijing - Hanoi:
1710 miles, by train = 198,360 frams CO2

Hanoi - Nougkhai:
400 miles, by bus = 36,000 grams CO2

Nougkhai - Singapore:
1639 miles, by train = 190,124 grams CO2

Singapore - Darwin:
2350 miles, by ship: 285,760 grams CO2

Darwin - Brisbane:
2143 miles, by coach: 192,870 grams CO2

Total: 1,646,232g CO2 = 1.65 tonnes of CO2

This is based on average carbon dioxide emissions for various types of transport:
Grams of carbon dioxide per passenger kilometre:

Rail = 72.5g
Bus/coach = 56.25g
Ferry = 76g

The emissions from a flight would be 3.7 tonnes of CO2 (see

If her commitment to be "green" has inspired you, why not explore your own carbon footprint work out what impact your travel is having on the environment and all that jazz.

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Calia77 said...

I'd love to go and live on a canal boat (not sure I'd cope in a caravan) - I've been hankering after it for a couple of years now. Not only would it be cheaper, but it would force me to live more and use less of the world's resouces. Only they don't have any canals in Holloway.