Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More rock-pooling

Ok so as someone who didn't grow up by the sea, I've always had this real childish excitement about the sea so when we had supper at Whitley Bay, I left Michael securely settled with pint, pipe and book and went to put my toes in the sea, hunt for a stone with a hole in (family tradition - no luck this time) and other interesting rocks and shells. This time I found something which really stunned me. I promise you that this was THERE. I found it like it.

In case you can't see it clearly - here it is moved just slightly and that is how I left it. Wow or what?!


Calia77 said...

That really is wow!

Ray said...

Excellent National Geographic thing with the crab. Good to see you enjoying the sea. As somebody who grew up on the coast I tend to take it for granted (currently freezing my nuts off on a lumpy stonebin Bideford visiting friends who are convinced they've just moved to paradise:-) ).

Enjoyed a nice fish supper in Whitely Bay earlier this year, but Lindisfarne was shut (or at least we mistimed the causeway).