Friday, May 12, 2006

Passion revisited

I've just picked up Practicing Passion again as I'm off to hear Kenda speak at CYM in Oxford on Tuesday. I heard the great news a while ago that it means Phil G and I get to meet at last. Anyone else going to be there?

The useful practical bit:
As a regular Oxford visitor I HIGHLY recommend Park and Ride via Thornhill (or Water Eaton) as the bus stops within really easy reach of the place in St Clements and is only £2. Anyone wanting pointers just ask!


EasyRew said...

Hi Sarah - I'll be there in Oxford on Tuesday. See you there. You'll recognise me by the red carnation worn in my buttonhole ;o)


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...


I look forward to meeting you in the flesh (and the carnation!)


simo said...

I too shall be present!