Saturday, May 06, 2006


Just back from a lovely day and a half with my bestest down in Bideford for some bridal preparation. Last night we practiced some wedding make-up and hair and then this morning we went for my final fitting at the bridal shop (I love my dress!) combined with selection and purchase of extras and shoes (which I am wearing right now so that I begin to wear them in a bit!). Then we went on to Exeter so Ami could try on the bridesmaid dress (and look like an absolute princess) and so we could choose accessories for her and Kathryn and found some really lovely things on a jewellery craft stall.

So now I'm home [having missed Dr Who unfortunately :o( ] and watching American Beauty and trying not to worry what might be happening to Michael on his stag night! Then tomorrow Dad and I are off to have lunch with the lovely lady who is making the wedding cake for Michael and I and I am taking Michael's ideas/thoughts on his behalf - even the concept of a castle with cavalry making a charge at the gate!

All that aside I am actually kinda excited because tomorrow at our small group I've asked the young people to "bring" three things from the Bible or Christianity which they find hard or disagree with. Daring? Unwise? Well it arose from a throwaway discussion last week when two of the girls said they wanted to be confirmed (yay!) and one of the lads piped up "So do I!" but another said "I don't!"

The "I don't" stemmed from his view that there were too many "things" he disagreed with so I thought we'd have a look at some of those tricky bits.


Anonymous said...

YAY for the bestest! Had a fantabulous (yes that's a word) time too! see you soon...the Hen Night won't be crazy - I promised the groom!! Like the castle idea - not sure about charging though!!
xx see ya!

simo said...

As a bloke I’m going to typically not comment on the first half other than to say glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you catch the repeat of the good doctor bbc3 7:15 last night we missed it Saturday as well but I’m afraid we didn’t video it otherwise I would have lent it to you. Sounds like a great session idea I might nik that some time how did it go?