Wednesday, May 31, 2006

not on my VERY LONG to do list

Ok so blogging isn't on the to-do list but I have just finished four tings that were so I think I can sneak a quick one in!

Last night Michael and I listed all the things we HAD done for the wedding to make the seemingly many things we still have to do for it rather more surmountable!

Today I've so far done some fiddly wedding admin things and now am off to the OFFICE to tidy it sufficiently that, as my friends last night helping make our wedding favours said, the youth leaders won't "need to tie a rope around themselves before they go in so someone else can pull them back out!"

It is mostly done but in my whirlwind of SORTING things last week apparently I managed to compose a rota where one leader is there all the time despite me knowing she's in Borneo and another leader only does the first ten minutes then nothing else!!! Easy enough to resolve but still gotta be done.

For those of you who seem to pay rather more attention to this than guys might normally - I was also wearing my wedding shoes rounf the house this morning again!

Ok big day on Saturday - Anyone local is most welcome to the church service at 3.30 - Big church in centre of town. Probably won't manage another blog before then so this may be the last post until we're back from Sweden - blimey that's ages.

In the meantime I'm off to the office and then to do laundry whilst reviewing this book. Should be good.


moog said...

Hope your day goes well, look forward to hearing about it on your return. I expect the event to make the top ten in the technorati tags!

Dave said...

Hope you guys have an awesome day, perhaps I'll get to catch up sometime over the summer