Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday = mad-day

So I've got to the point of having a to-do list for my day off now!!

I'm sitting here in my wedding shoes (again!) in the hope that they'll be a bit more comfortable on the day which is now just over two weeks away!

Tonight Michael and I are tackling THE TABLE PLAN. We've been pretty good at putting this off until we've heard from nearly everyone (and the rest we pretty much know are coming but they've not quite managed the repsonding thing!). So this evening we'll be trying to work out how much to mix his n hers and which of our rather eclectic bunch of friends would get on well with the others.

Well I need to get off to do the laundry and read the last two chapters of Practicing Passion. See some of you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

In my view you should be relaxing enjoying Battle Star Galactica!