Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thought from Taize

For a few year's now it's been my custom to start my working day with a look at the daily thought from Taize. It's a small but important link to somewhere very close to my heart and massively important to my continuing faith journey.

It is a place that feels like home as soon as I arrive even though it is different every time. Meeting the brothers, it always feel like we saw them only yesterday.

Most importantly for me, it is a place which I have introduced young people to. It's not an "EVENT" but part of the journey. People don't go to Taize because they "get so much out of the worship" but because it is a place where all can contribute; through music, service, welcome and the building of a community.

Well this was supposed to be a brief intro to the thought for today but get me on the subject of Taize and my enthusiasm is hard to stop!!

Happy those who can make this prayer their own: Christ, you see who I am. For me, not to hide anything in my heart from you is a necessity. You were a human being, too. And when my inner self seems to be pulled in a thousand different directions, my thirsting heart reaches the point of praying: “Enable me to live a life rooted in you, Jesus the Christ; unify my desire and my thirst.” Br Roger of Taize

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