Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pen is Mitre than the sword

Marvellous news that Dave Walker has been invited to be the official "cartoonist in residence" at the Lambeth Conference 2008 (which also has a blog) Dave has more details but I am most excited by his proposal to have a colouring section for the bishops on his stall in the market place. I'm sure there are a few bishops out there who would enjoy that!

So what cartoons do we think there should be of the conference...

Bishops at Breakfast?
Bishops skiving off seminars and having a sneaky coffee/pint? (not that they would ever do that I'm sure!)
Bishops shopping for a new mitre??

I can't wait to see what he produces in his new official capacity. Well done mate!


Phil G said...

that is so awesome! just goes to show that the church has a sense of humour after all! maybe there is life in the ol' bird yet!?

Dave said...

Thanks Sarah

*Notes down ideas in notebook*