Saturday, January 05, 2008

Not so new year

I think I must be turning into rather a mature blogger. No resolution to BLOG MORE thsi year and indeed only gettng round to blogging on the 5th!

In fact I think it's because my spare time has been spent enjoying the new easel my best beloved bought me for Christmas.

So far it has helped me produce the following pieces. The first one was really clear to me. With the help of a litte bit of advice from the art book, I've used some watered down acrylic for the base which works a lot better than pure acrylic or oil.

The second piece had me confused until the last thirty minutes of painting. I laid down a few base layers in acrylic and really didn't know what was emerging - even turnign to my husband and asking "Well, what do YOU think it is?!" Then it all became a lot clearer though still rather mysterious at the same time.

Ubi Caritas
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush

Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush

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Love your artwork!