Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some of the Easter Gardens

Some of the Easter Gardens
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Here are some of the Easter gardens the children made at our Easter workshop this morning. It was a fabulous time. The children also made bread crosses, a banner of the last supper and some decorated biscuits. Then we went down to church for a short service in our own "garden" and shared some of the fresh baked bread the children had made as well as some grapes to represent the wine while we sang "This is my body". It was an increidly moving time. It's a scary truth that I am beginning to like children's work almost as much as I love youthwork!


Ali Campbell said...

Hey Sarah, that is interesting . . . I am doing an article for youthwork magazine that will seek to inspire youth workers to pay more attention to what is going on in the children's work in their churches . . . got some thoughts on that - please drop me an email!
Best wishes,

Sarah Brush said...

I'll put my brain to it...