Thursday, April 12, 2007

New clay on the block

Ok so I admit it... my best source of new stories is CBBC's Newsround. Just seen a great article about a young person aiming high with some Wallace and Grommit style animation. He's said he wants to work for Aardman eventually and knowing Nick Park's reputation for being so cool and lovely and nice and all I'm guessing he'll get in touch!

So look out in the future for a buffalo and a beaver in PLANT: THE MOVIE

By the way, apologies for blog silence ltely and for the next three days - I've been busily preparing for the youth weekend away this weekend. It's gonna be awesome. Goodbye boring old burgers we're making greek style kebabs with tzatziki and humus!

Can't wait for the ready, steady cook challenge with the special addition this year. Should be gr8!

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