Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Looking at the proverbial!

Our youth house group Proverbs me last night to look at another book of the Bible and this time we'd chosen Proverbs. As this book is so full of imagery, after a brief introduction, we used various multi-sensory stations to explore different passages. Take a look:

Each person should take their Bible with them and read each of the passages given as well as reflect on the items at the station. At the end we chose to reflect together on our experience and share passages that particularly meant something to us.

1) Proverbs 3.18-22 (big box of beads and wire and string)
Think of all the things you know you should do but don’t want to. For each of them or to represent them string some of the beads on the wire or on the string.

2) Proverbs 6.6-9 (picture of or an actual ant farm)
Look at the picture of the ant farm. When do you sit when you should be active?

3) Proverbs 6.16-19 (mirror and pile of plasticine or play-doh)
Look in the mirror and at yourself as you reflect on these passages. Form a heart out of the clay and as you work the clay ask God to take all evil plots from your heart.

4) Proverbs 7. 16-17 (some jars of cinmmon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg or other sweet and strong spices lying on a collection of different luxrious cloths like silk, "fur" and linens draped)
Smell the spices and feel the materials as you read the passage. What is there in your life that makes life more special?

5) Proverbs 8.8-11 (jewellery box full of glittering beads - this can be placed with number 1)
Look at the chest of “riches” what do you prize above God?

6) Proverbs 8.22-31 (This can either be placed near a window with a view or you could gather a load of images of creation)
Picture all these types of creation that Go d gives us and give thanks for them

7) Proverbs 11.30 (a plant next to a pile of seeds)
Look at the seeds and the plant. Read the passge. What do you want God to grow in you?

8) Proverbs 15.17 (a bowl full of vegetables)
Look at the bowl full of what is good for you but not necessarily appealing. Treasure those who are closest to you and pray for them.

9) Proverbs 16.24 & 24.13-14 (a jar of honey and some spoons)
Taste the honey as you read these words and commit to using more kind words. Read Proverbs 25.16 before you move on!

10) Proverbs 17.1 (a crust of bread on a plate)
Taste a piece of the bread and think of places of conflict in the world.

11) Proverbs 23.19 (a glass of wine - for us it was not for drinking but of course - you decide!)
Look at the wine and smell it. Think of the effects of wine? Wine in moderation is fine but over-indulging can cause problems. What effects does drinking and bad company bring?

12) Proverbs 25.11 (a silver bowl of apples)
Taste the apples and think of the advice you could give someone or some advice which you need for yourself.

13) Proverbs 25.20 (a bottle of vinegar, some poured into a small bowl)
Taste a little bit of the vinegar (or salt depending on your Bible translation) and reflect on the wounds in people you have made worse.

14) Proverbs 27.19 (a bowl of water or a mirror - as long as the can see their reflection)
Look in the bowl of water (mirror) and see your reflection. How is your heart reflected in your actions?

15) Proverbs 30.33 (a jar of cream or creamy milk. Make sure it is thoroughly sealed. This really does work!)
Shake the jar and see whether you can turn the milk to butter. Burn up your anger in shaking the jar rather than having a go at people!

16) Proverbs 3.1-4 (a pile of heart-shaped post-it notes)
From all the stations, or from somewhere else in the book, write a verse from proverbs on one of the heart shaped post-its


Tim Abbott said...

Sarah - this is really good and most creative! I love the idea of looking at just one book from the bible. It might make for an effective way of doing an overview of other books (? gospel, 2 Kings, one of Paul's letters...). You've got me thinking; thanks.

Kathryn said...

I like this lots. I miss sitting and being creative with you!