Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More than bricks and mortar

I love our ecclesiastical architectural history (loads of big words - ooh!) and I find them incredible places to encounter God. However I find it difficult when churches are forced to spend lots of energy to keep the buildings in good order on the stregth of insufficient funds. Fortunately there's something that could help free some people and energies up to the work of the Gospel.

There's a petition calling on the government to help churches pay for repairs, building work etc rather than the parishes having to do it all. What a good idea, eh?
So pop over here and sign up



Ray said...

Bet it doesn't get as many signatures as the road tax one. Heh, heh, heh. :-)

Phil Rankin said...

Why should the government pay for this? If the building is no longer economically sustainable then sell it and move on. If the building is historically valuable then the National Trust and/or Heritage will be interested in maintaining it. Why should a government sustain buildings that in most cases a decreasing minority of people are using? When Alton Towers, or Tescos, or Sainsburys, or your local cinema needs repaired should the government be asked to pay for that too?

Richard said...

The most surprising statistic we discovered when we started our latest round of fund raising is that a significant number of people in the UK believe that the Government already funds maintenance for Churches.

Sarah Brush said...


See forthcoming post for response.