Monday, February 19, 2007

HOT Fuss!

We went to see Hot Fuzz this afternoon as it's my day off and I have to say it was a wonderful bit of light relief in a rather busy time. It also happens to be about someone who lives their jobs rather too much meeting someone who doesn't really DO much towards their job and how they learn from each other. I'm rather feeling too much like the former at the moment. I was talking to friends on Sunday night about that continuing difficulty that there is for me (and other youth workers no doubt) at discerning what NOT to do as there is SO MUCH that I can do for my job and all of it so worthy, God-centred and serving young people and the community. However it's also important to BE there to serve next week and the week after rather than be burnt out (head's up to Ian for the link) Fortunately though I was busy watching the film, resting and not worrying about work so I hardly picked up on this!!!

Seriously I'd say if you liked Shaun of the Dead you'll love this. If you like the Incredibles and can take a little bit of blood spurting, you'll enjoy it. Even if you like Midsomer Murders (in an ironic way) you'll love the rurality!

What was amazing was the level of talent within the cast:
Not only the glorious Simon Pegg and the splendid Nick Frost but also Bill Nighy, Bill Bailey, Jim Broadbent, Edward Woodward, Timothy Dalton, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Billie Whitelaw.

Oh and there's some Latin, a model village and some use of walkie talkies and some great bits about teenagers in hoodies for all you youthworkers out there!!


dreaming-neko said...

shuan of the dead is a classic :)

Calia77 said...

I'm off work sick. Might go and see it this afternoon. Though it might not help my cough!

CJA said...

Is there a scene in there that's a sort of village fair to raise money for a new roof for the church? They were filming that in Wells when I was there with my wife last summer. I can't wait for it to be released here.

Sarah Brush said...

Yes I believe there is a scene like that. It's kinda gory in fact involving a bit of falling masonry!