Thursday, January 04, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother

Ok so this is really NOT our usual cup of tea but we LOVE DIRK BENEDICT. He's such a dude. I mean I used to have a massive crush on him when he was in the A Team but he's even more cool now! He went on because his teenage sons persuaded him to do it!

So far I think the other highlight is Donny being incapable of finding/opening doors! Style over substance seems to have proved to much for him!

It looks like our evenings are set for the next few nights at least! Felt kinda sorry for poor Ken Russell though. THE Ken Russell who made cutting edge cinema like Tommy and no-one seems to know who he is!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, but you do of course know what orginal series Dirk got his start in during the 1970's? I trust that you do. So disappointing that you did not mention it here.

Mike B currently visiting the USA

Sarah Brush said...

Yes indeedy. I was indeed wondering what the original STARBUCK thought of the one in the new Battlestar Galactica.