Thursday, January 04, 2007

Amaze-ing find

Ok so I am SO used to there not being anything about Matrix out there that I hadn't really looked to hard.

Amaze has the following details on their site about the Matrix youth conference 2007 which is just the best conference out there in my view!

the matrix 2007
Conference for full time Youth workers - Christians working in any context.

freedom to flourish

200 years since the abolision of the transatlantic slave trade how do we express freedom in Christ today?

Take time out to think about how today's youth worker can help to continue to make an impact on the lives of young people.

the matrix 2007 will examine through four averarching themes the role of the youth worker

.... as theologian

.... as leader

.... as missionary

.... as prophet

This will enable you to develop as a youth worker, drawing on the theological and socialogical perspectives. There will be space for personal reflection, dialogue with other practitioners, relaxation, laughter and focussing on God.

plus links to

Key note speakers
Day Pass Prices

So far I'm intrigued most and think may rock on up to:
  • Pray with clay
  • Keeping in touch with your spirituality
  • Integrating youth ministry and the church
  • creative use of the bible with young people
  • Gender and singleness in youth ministry (as a newly smug-married I feel a fraud but it might be interesting anyway)
oh and I might try the Myers-Briggs thing but it depends on what they're doing with it as I've already had the "introduction to" kinda thing.

So anyone fancy being a study buddy at any of these?

The Oxford diocese is already forming reasonably but we have open arms to anyone prepared to sit around with us and do the deep discussion thing as well as be vaguely silly. Sadly enough I now have a wifi card for my laptop so could join the throng of onsite bloggers but I will try to resist!


Anonymous said...

I'll be there! Sadly I also now have wi-fi connection! Will there be room for us all? Hoping to join the oxford possy again for the third time running!

Sarah Brush said...


I was hoping you wre coming.

Yes of course you can be in our posse!

It'll be cool to see you again.