Monday, June 26, 2006

The Mountain comes to ... you

Those of you who have read me blah on about Taize could experience a bit of it this year as Br Alois is coming to the UK

There will be services at Bradford and at Westminster Abbey. It should be very cool!


Kathryn said...

Rumour has it that there's also going to be Taize input at Greenbelt, which is a happy thought!
Just come over from the revgals to welcome you there...Really good to have a few more UK voices there..And I suspect you may be a colleague of Nicky Tottle's?

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Not just a rumour Kathryn - Paolo is definitely coming. That reminds me - I'd told him I'd be there but I can't be this year :(

Indeed I am a colleague of Nicky's - small blogosphere huh?! SO how do you know Nicky?

Kathryn said...

Once upon a time, we both posted on the "fish" message boards, before they became yet another vehicle for division and acrimony in the Church! We've kept in touch since,through all the life changes that we've both experienced.I was in training for ordination when we met online..GB enabled us to meet irl too.
EXCELLENT to have my vague recollections re Taize at GB confirmed. Thanks for that :-)

Caroline said...

i am so jealous. when will Southern America be part of the tour? O.K., so I won't hold my breath.

revabi said...

Hi Sarah, want to welcome you to revgals. Congratulations on your wedding, beautiful, handsome groom too.

A contempative Youth worker who blogs about Taize. Wonderful, would that we had a few of you here in AL, USA.

Dan Morehead said...

Cool. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work.