Saturday, April 22, 2006

Leave well alone...

What better way to mark the end of leave than the prospect of two sermons tomorrow!??

In a moment of madness before Easter I recall offering to lead and preach at evensong tomorrow "as I'd be there for St George's day with Scouts in the afternoon anyway". A statement containing as much logic as the time I volunteered to lead the 12am-6am slot at a twon 24 hour prayer event as it was "the only time I wasn't doing anything else that day" - er... sleep?

Well the two sermons are written and indeed I'm considering the prospect of another preach this time at the local URC church where our ministry team is helping out during their vacancy. I'm leading an all age worship there on 21st May and rather looking forward to it! Nothing planned for that yet but in the mean time there'll be two sermons popping up tomorrow. See if you can tell which one is which - one for 500 beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers, scout leaders, fellowship and assorted supporters, the other for our evensong congregation which has been gorwing rather well lately I'm pleased to say so there may be around 20 or so.

1 comment:

oldhall said...

Two sermons!?

Will you get mixed up?

You'll have to be 'on' every word, or you'll slip back and forth, I bet.