Sunday, April 02, 2006

All fired up!

Michael and I had a wonderful evening getting rid of some garden waste last night. He had done some sterling work chopping down a couple of shrubs that had got ideas above their shrubly station. So we made a fire pit and whilst burning the garden waste we also baked some potatoes in the ashes along with some sausages and a piece of pork wrapped up with herbs and spices as well as putting some mushrooms with garlic and a little butter in a pan on one of the stones round the fire.

Amusingly, when we went to retrieve our supper we had a little trouble finding it! We got the pork out ok because it was quite big and the potatoes and mushrooms were just delicious... however the sausages never made it. We found one decidedly shrivelled one in the ashes but of the others... there was no sign!! Here's what the pork looked like though!!

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