Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Time and it;s tendency to fly

I feel the blogosphere is a bit like Narnia at the moment. It seems to be just a day in time in the real world and yet I get back into the blogosphere to discover that it's several days since I last posted. How did that happen?

Well kinda busy planning for the wedding (3rd June - eek!) and also for our youth weekend away in a couple of weeks.

I also wrote an article for the parish magazine which I'll post up once it's been published in paper form - wouldn't want people getting a sneak preview now!!! In fact I have been faintly contraversial and put in a cartoon - no not THAT one! It is of course one of the cartoons by the GREAT DAVE WALKER and I'm hoping that our church is as able to laugh at itself as I think it is!


simo said...

No messing about for you then, 3rd June wow and speaking of the Great Dave Walker I see he has also followed suit, there is obviously some thing in the air at the moment!

Jack the Lass said...

Delighted you chose my birthday for the Big Day. Many congratulations! (I'm going to run out of congrats if many more people tie the knot!)

PS Have just noticed you linked to my humble blogette - thank you! But the link is faulty (there is a similar problem with your link to Neil and to Maddie as well - an extra "htp" appears).