Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Emergent Episcopal

This is still to come on Thursday:

HOUSE OF BISHOPS’ WOMEN BISHOPS GROUP: Report to the General Synod (GS 1605)

The Archbishop of Canterbury to move:

16. ‘That this Synod

(a) welcome the assessment made in GS 1605 of the options for removing the legal obstacles to the ordination of women to the episcopate;

(b) consider that an approach along the lines of “Transferred Episcopal Arrangements”, expressed in a Measure with an associated code of practice, merits further exploration as a basis for proceeding in a way that will maintain the highest possible degree of communion in the Church of England;

(c) invite the House of Bishops, as part of its ongoing work on the underlying issues raised by the “Rochester report”, to produce for the July group of sessions a statement of the theological, ecumenical and canonical implications of such an approach;

(d) instruct the Business Committee to make sufficient time available at the July group of sessions for Synod to determine, in the light of advice from the House of Bishops, the next steps, including a possible timetable for legislation; and

(e) invite all members of Synod to reflect prayerfully and consult widely on the serious decisions now facing the Church.’
We watch and pray and await the inevitable amendments...

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