Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rob Bell Wins

Went to hear Rob Bell talk about his new book Love Wins which has been the centre of a lot of controversy from people thinking this means Rob is a universalist (which for many implies that there is no need to live a Christian life). He talked about the image of the city of God in Revelation which has an ever open door (21.25) and it reminded me of the poem about Judas Iscariot which talks of the eventual acceptance of Judas and his own acceptance of the love of God and today again Bishop John preached at the Chrism Mass about the woman who washed Jesus' feet and how we, like Simon the Pharisee, need to learn lessons from those who know themselves to have sinned and know themselves forgiven.

He asked what would our churches be like if each and every one of us willingly allowed ourselves to be changed - that unlike Simon the Pharisee we did not only invite God into our lives but keep our lives the same but like the woman we allowed ourselves to be changed.

The poem concludes like this:

'Twas the Bridegroom stood at the open door,
And beckon'd, smiling sweet;
'Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Stole in, and fell at his feet.

'The Holy Supper is spread within,
And the many candles shine,
And I have waited long for thee
Before I poured the wine!'

The supper wine is poured at last,
The lights burn bright and fair,
Iscariot washes the Bridegroom's feet,
And dries them with his hair.

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