Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello God, this is me Lulu

I am so proud to be an Anglican this Easter. First Bishop John suggests our schools should be rediscovering their original foundation aim to be serving the community and now it turns out Archbishop Rowan has taken time to respond to a letter from a six year old in Scotland. You can read the article to discover the context but what made me smile was how much it is not just a standard letter or in an adult style but in one which is trully wonderful:

Dear Lulu,

Your dad has sent on your letter and asked if I have any answers. It’s a difficult one! But I think God might reply a bit like this –

‘Dear Lulu – Nobody invented me – but lots of people discovered me and were quite surprised. They discovered me when they looked round at the world and thought it was really beautiful or really mysterious and wondered where it came from. They discovered me when they were very very quiet on their own and felt a sort of peace and love they hadn’t expected.

Then they invented ideas about me – some of them sensible and some of them not very sensible. From time to time I sent them some hints – specially in the life of Jesus – to help them get closer to what I’m really like.

But there was nothing and nobody around before me to invent me. Rather like somebody who writes a story in a book, I started making up the story of the world and eventually invented human beings like you who could ask me awkward questions!’

And then he’d send you lots of love and sign off.

I know he doesn’t usually write letters, so I have to do the best I can on his behalf. Lors of love from me too.

+Archbishop Rowan
I think my favourite phrase just has to be:
"Then they invented ideas about me – some of them sensible and some of them not very sensible." I remember someone once saying that a sign of someone who really knows there stuff isn't that they can describe it in intelligent language and with lots of technical words but that they can explain it in simple terms to someone who knows nothing about it in a way that they can understand. Just goes to show what a great theologian ++Rowan is.

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