Monday, May 04, 2009

Fingerprint on Every Soul

Instead of working further on the last painting I did (I wasn't sure if it was finished or not - I'm still not fully sure!!) I decided to do something that might complement it or partner it anyway. So again I took the lyrics of Human and focussed instead on the line" 'cos I'm on my knees looking for the answer." Intriguingly I also seem to have brought in a creed that we shared at our team meeting earlier in the year:

We have heard about you, God of all power.
You made the world out of kindness,
Creating order out of confusion;
You made each one of us in your own image;
Your fingerprint is on every soul.
So we praise you

We have heard about you, Jesus Christ:
The carpenter who left his tools and trade;
The poor man who made others rich;
The healer who let himself be wounded;
The criminal on whom the soldiers spat
Not knowing they were fouling the face of God;
So we praise you.

We have heard about you, Holy Spirit.
You broke the bonds of every race and nation,
To let God speak in every tongue;
You made disciples drunk with grace;
You converted souls and emptied pockets;
You showed how love made all things new
And opened the doors to change and freedom.
So we praise you.

Iona Community, Scotland

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Kathryn said...

that is a beautiful painting.