Monday, February 16, 2009

Word on the Street

Really love this video, filmed on a mobile in the streets of New York and Sydney. Not true just for those cities.

Is it enough just not to look away?

Does buying my copy of the Big Issue make it better?

Or rather, as today chatting to the guy selling them saying I only had 30p in cash and wishing each other a "good day" make a difference?

Well I think the sharing of humanity with someone can make a lot of difference to people who feel ignored but without other help its effect is not enough.

I have the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter in mind at present at that which inspired it in London. Its not part of my call here at present but I may have to make some fish cakes this week out of nostalgia!!


Weird Hippy said...

love it, amazing video

Darren Wright said...

if you want an original copy of all of the tropfest videos let me know, they give away a dvd with the top 16 finalists each year and I have a few spare :)

Darren Wright said...

should have said that the dvds i have are for tropfest Australia, that clip is from TFest NY so isn't on any of my dvds...

Sarah Brush said...

Darren, I'd still love one of those DVDs if you have one. If they're like this video it would be VERY cool.