Monday, February 02, 2009

Genesis completed

Genesis completed
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So in the snowlight of this afternoon I managed to persuade myself finally that Genesis was finished. There are still things I would tweak but I know I would be tweaking them for all eternity The finalising included a rather unnerving editing of the wave with the addition of some cerulean, some adding of red to the sky around the birds and some filling in of green in the tree where it was a little thin. There is also a little silver on the wave now. I decided that the birds are now as they are even though they're not as perfect as I'd like because in display they won't be quite as visible anyway as they're right at the top.

Finishing this and the snow have planted another seed but I'm not sure I'll get to that very soon as I have a few things in the diary but with the snow, you never know those might get postponed!!

The canvas is approx 1m wide and 1.3m wide.

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