Sunday, January 18, 2009


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In memory of that great inspirer of creativity in children, I am putting up one of the doodle pictures from the conference I was at recently. This was one which I was penning when listening to Andrew Root on the absence/presence of God and Reggie Nel talking about remixing culture for youth ministry.

I never actually felt brave enough to send my pictures in to Tony Hart but I certainly enjoyed seeing other children's pictures and the exciting things that Tony himself did. All that plus the wonderful Morph - who could ask for more.

I know I'm turning old now as I'm so nostalgic. What I wonder is this - My generation grew up with inspirational presenters like Tony Hart and Johnny Ball. Where are the current generation getting inspired?

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Thats a great doodle! Thats an interesting quote, I cant think of any inspiring YP's presenters on TV at the moment, very sad.