Saturday, January 24, 2009

Genesis 3

Genesis 3
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush
So hopefully I have now finished this painting which has appeared on here in various forms. This has been a fascinating painting for me to work on as, unlike other paintings, I have lived with it for so long. This is partly because the canvas is HUGE so takes a long time to cover in paint and partly because the content has ended up being elaborate and more detailed than I often do.

Like the image of Christ on the cross I painted a while ago this image rather came to me and lived with me for a while (even ending up in some doodlings at the conference earlier this month).

I've tried to capture a sense of creation. Of the separations into light and dark; earth and water and the springing into life in tree, leaves, fish and birds.

What was rather challenging was the perspective as it doesn't conform to regular rules so working out how to make things look right when the world hasn't really settled its rules yet was a real work in progress.

I've recently reworked the leaves into birds and fish but may still need to work on them - though it will be a refreshing change to be painting something else!

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