Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two preaches in one day

Somebody asked me today - do you often preach twice in one day (as I was just about to do!) and it made me think that actually I've very rarely done it. I did it once with a St George's day service followed by a sung evensong (and preceded by a weekend away with teenagers!!) but other than that I really don't think I have much. This was also two completely unrelated preaches at the same place (i.e. not the same one twice as I know various clergy around the country do). So am I drained... actually no. The evening preach was much better than the morning which wasn't bad but didn't have the zing of the evening one. I'm about to pop them both up but in fact, as ever, what I actually said isn't quite what will appear.

I also just did a quick tally of my hours this week and realised why I'm physically knackered but spiritually buzzing. Two days of Breathe in a local school which means periods of rushing to get people sorted with ipods interspersed with periods of calm near silence (with the occasional interruption of the shredder!) Should be great. Then, even better, the joy of spaghetti bolognese with the lovely curate! Yumskies!

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