Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SATiSfaction Guaranteed

Having spent two fabulous days with Breathe at Wolverley High School today and yesterday, the day was rounded off to a treat with the FANTASTIC news that KS3 SATs have been abolished. I am so pleased for all those teenagers who can now look forward to focussing on LEARNING rather than on TESTING.

It was really good the last couple of days to watch young people as they got into the experience of Breathe and realised that there wasn't a "right answer" but an opportunity and an invitation to wonder, ponder, question and reflect.

Today one of the pupils in particular started out very sceptical about "anything religious" and came up to me at the end and thanked me because it had really made her think.

It was also cool being in school for school dinners for two days. They were yummy yet well balanced. The chocolate milkshakes were a particular fave!

So two days of Breathe have left me incredibly fired up (and with a wooden block that needs gluing, a russian doll with a squeak and in need of more string and new play-doh!)

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