Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If I could talk to the animals..

We had a really WILD weekend. First we tried to tame the garden and discovered not only a blackbird nest in the plant growing over the arch in the garden (yes, I know an ARCH... we inherited it!).

Then we discovered these little tiny heads poking out of the pond. These turned out to be NEWTS! They are so cute. I'm thinking a round of wonky donkey springs to mind... Well it turns out newts are fairly common in Worcestershire and we don't think we have any crested newts but it's hard to tell with the amount of weed in the pond we've inherited. We did still manage to set up our new firepit but it is due for expansion as it is rather smaller than our last one.

Well to crown our explorations into the animal kingdom we went to visit an open day at the local dog shelter and met a little fella called Eddie - a 9 year old Staffy who has been in a loving home with children and cats but for various reasons he's ended up in the kennel. Eddie is going to be joining us soon. This is a new venture for me but M is an established dog owner and long-standing staffy-lover. We're not yet sure how our regular visitor (the 3-legged cat from next door) is going to think about a resident dog!

And in other news... it's tax return time. My lesson from last year is that taking people out to coffee as part of work REALLY ADDS UP over the year!

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