Monday, June 30, 2008

The Gaffer speaks up about Gafcon

Rowan Williams has responded to the statement from GAFCON with a statement of his own. It is a very thoughtful, respectful yet convicted piece of writing. It acknowledges the fair aspects of GafCon's statement, points out its weaknesses and proposes ways forward. It's a statement that demonstrates to me again why this man is where he is:

"I believe that it is wrong to assume we are now so far apart that all those outside the GAFCON network are simply proclaiming another gospel. This is not the case; it is not the experience of millions of faithful and biblically focused Anglicans in every province. What is true is that, on all sides of our controversies, slogans, misrepresentations and caricatures abound. And they need to be challenged in the name of the respect and patience we owe to each other in Jesus Christ.

I have in the past quoted to some in the Communion who would call themselves radical the words of the Apostle in I Cor.11.33: ‘wait for one another’. I would say the same to those in whose name this statement has been issued. An impatience at all costs to clear the Lord’s field of the weeds that may appear among the shoots of true life (Matt.13.29) will put at risk our clarity and effectiveness in communicating just those evangelical and catholic truths which the GAFCON statement presents."

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