Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All because you never learnt Latin

Those were the words of Chris Tarrant to a contestant that missed out on £10,000 even after as Catholic nun had told him that the Latin phrase meaning "in a set manner" was Pro Forma (not in toto, ad infinitum or nota bene!)

Just goes to show folks!

Nota bene - you should learn Latin so that you can consider your education, in toto, to be adequate and if you don't - I'll be going on about it ad infinitum!!!

Sorry for whacky post I think it must be the result of being excited to have played croquet in our garden this evening. Predictably Michael won - even though I played mean!


Richard said...

play meaner, only the really mean win at croquet.Although I do feel it should be banned along with sports days and competion in schools;)

Sarah Brush said...

Thanks for that Richard (not sure which Richard you are!) but I'm not sure I could be that mean on M's first try! Will have to wait awhile now unless we can do a cross between Croquet and waterpolo!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was that contestant. You wanna know the worst part? I actually knew what all of those phrases meant but my brain went dead. Don't beat me up about it, I can do that all by myself. It's something I'll be doing ad infinitum!

Sarah Brush said...

Goodness me, really?! Well, welcome.

Was meaning to knock you at all - links in far more to all the Latin-bashing that I've faced as a former Latin teacher. I'm always telling people it's such a useful language to learn and no-one ever seems to believe me.

Being put on the spot to answers questions is always tough but - in front of millions of people - oh boy the pressure must be huge so well done for doing as well as you did!