Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Savin yer bacon

Random Market Pigs
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ok I haven't TOTALLY lost it but I've just got the youth holiday photos CD from my co-leader and I've remembered this marvellous picutre I took in Chester market. It reminds me both of that day and the fabulous games of Pass the Pig we had a few evenings during the week - ah the days!

I love intriguing signs and this one really was bizarre. A stall selling roast pork baps with apple sauce (yummy - wish we'd not had lunch packed already!!) and in front, rather cruelly I suppose, were these two pplastic pigs... with this sign... possibly more visible in the close-up. WHY OH WHY?

Random market Pig
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush

What happens when someone TOUCHES THE PIG - nooooooooo!


EasyRew said...

A treat just for you...

Sarah Brush said...

YAY! I love this!! Thank you mate!