Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We had our youth event on Sunday night - we'd planned a great SUMMER feel with BBQ and outdoor cafe with garden games... ok so it didn't go wuite to plan but at least when we were setting up the rain wasn't too bad AND we only heard thunder AFTER the event... even thought it did make a few of us unable to get a certain song out of our heads! enjoy!

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ffew said...

So quality!!

Ok so I know there are not many words, but I could still remember everyone! Its sooooooooooooo cool, (sigh) how I love Thundercats! It's great!!

An is it just be or does Cheetara, even though she's just a cartoon character get fitter as you get older? Wasn't a fan of the cheater woman crossbreed as a kid, but now........maybe I shouldn't go there!

Quality - thanks Sarah, I’ll be singing it all night now!