Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dying to know...

We've had two very sad events recently in High Wycombe, the death of a teenager from Meningitis from one school and the death of a boy from a heart condition at another school.

I've already covered the topic informally both with our Sunday morning group and teen house group and with individuals but we're planning to look at it as a whole group at Pulse (our years 6-9 group) on Saturday.

We're not dealing only with those directly affected but also with those that are feeling rather odd because they just don't feel too upset but they've been unnerved by the proximity of someone "like them" dying.

One of my leaders is looking out some stuff from the school she works at and I've got some books but I was wondering if anyone has got any great resources that they've used effectively with bereaved teens?

UPDATE: As Ian has pointed out there is the wonderful resource of the Child Bereavement Trust but I could still do with some reflections on stuff people have used successfully


Youthblog said...

I seem to recall that there was a christian based charity in High Wycombe that specialised in working with teens who'd suffered bereavement/
If I'm right then they'd have some useful stuff

Phil G said...

the book of uncommon prayer has a service for a kids who have died...might give you some ideas...h

Phil said...

if you have access to the excellent 'book of uncommon prayer', there's a template for 'a memorial service for a youth group member'. might give ideas for readings, prayers, activities that could be helpful

Sarah Brush said...

Ok - freaky guys... same name and same recommendation... you're SURE you two weren't separated at birth?