Saturday, March 10, 2007

Soup-er day

Really long busy day today but a fab one! It started with a session making soup for the homeless shelter our church is supporting in London (I was there a while ago). Two of our older teens were part of the team serving there but I waned to offer the others a chance to help out too so we mae the starter for 30 people (which doubled up as a vegetarian/vegan alternative to the main course apparently!) in the form of a fresh vegetable soup. I'd gone to our local out of town vegetable shop and got a stack of seasonal veg for £7 and we spent a merry hour peeling, chopping and stirring - amusingly I'd forgotten to take a wooden spoon so we ended up stirring with a celery stick which was kinda funny!! Anyway it was good and we linked in at youth group (Pulse) by talking about homelessness and what it really means. We ended up with a load of volunteers to help out next year when we'll hopefully be running a shelter in Wycombe!

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