Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My lovely hubby is currently making all kinds of clanging and sawing noises as he is kindly make a special frame for four pictures I've just finished (using the fabulous easel he bought me!) which are inspired by the creation story. Yes there are just four. In tackling day 3 (when the earth brought forth vegetation) I realised that my symbolic style got lost in trying to show the growth and didn't quite work so well. I've made it work now, I think (though it is the one I'm least happy with) but what I've done wouldn't translate well to the birds/fish and animals/humans on days 5 & 6 as they would probably be similarly out of style. So it is that my creation's only taken four "days"! Once Michael's finished I'll pop a picture up.

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Calia77 said...

Love them!