Friday, June 03, 2011

No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues

I think the title of this song for me encapsulates the Gospel and who it was that Jesus went to. The tune is irrepressibly positive and I think the genuine friendships of the group come through in a way that is quite tangible.

I played it yesterday in the office and poor Emma was humming it within minutes!!

Yet it's not just the tune but these awesome lyrics that ring through with faith, hope and love.

Come, all you no hopers,
you jokers and rogues
we're on the road to nowhere,
let's find out where it goes
It might be a ladder to the stars, who knows
Come, all you no hopers,
you jokers and rogues.

Leave all your furrows in the fields where they lie
Your factories and offices;
kiss them all goodbye
Have a little faith in the dream maker in the sky
There's glory in believing him
and it's all in the beholder's eye.

Turn off your engines and slow down your wheels
Suddenly your master plan loses its appeal
Everybody knows that this reality's not real
So raise a glass to all things past and celebrate how good it feels.

Awash on the sea of our own vanity
We should rejoice in our individuality
Though it's gale force, let's steer a course for sanity

I'm really hoping they might feature in the playlist in between acts at the Performance Cafe this year. If not it will certainly be on my ipod when I'm there!!

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Anonymous said...

This music is very powerful, reminding me of some of the great music I used to listen to from Lindisfarne, and occasionally approaching the great Dick Black. Their voices are a Mighty Wind, indeed.