Saturday, January 08, 2011

Booked up!

So the penultimate set of proofs for the book has come through with promise of the next and final set to follow. It's all feeling very real! Launch date is 31st January. I can't quite believe how long ago Phil and I started on it all. It's lovely to see the project finally come to this point. I'm also getting slightly itchy fingers about what the next project might be? Moving Images Changing Lives 2? It's a possibility (and I must admit I still view films with a mind to potential clips for work with young people!) but I'm not sure if it's the way forward. I've got a few training courses lined up this year which may take my time but I do like to be mulling something over for a while anyway! When we started the project we were both very sure that there was a great need for a course for young people to help them explore confirmation and I'd like to think that I'd work on something else that was very much linked to the need of those working with young people or the direct needs of young people themselves. Any ideas wise people of the blogosphere? What do you want that isn't out there?

update : CHP now has a page for it too! and one for me as well!

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Anonymous said...

A confirmation course based on 'The Apprentice'. So, Team based exploration and learning, leading to the Bish (on behalf of JC of course!) hiring them.

Lynn Busfield