Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Preaching Premonition

I had a curious feeling this morning that I was due to be preaching on Sunday - not in my diary and not on the rota. I happened to be phoning the church office to talk to our rector and asked the secretary to check and she verified that I wasn't due to preach until 1st August. Strange.

So I get on with various tasks and then get a call asking me to step in for someone and preach. That explains it then!

So now I have 500 words of Sunday's sermon (former blog reflections can be so useful). I get to preach on Mary and Martha which is rather cool. After my recent retreat experiences I may have a few things to say on that topic which is cool. I do have a whole new reflection on being an extravert and being on retreat which I may finally type up but it'll have to wait until I've done the sermon and the creative prayers for Sunday afternoons Family Fun Day and the final planning for a parish youth/children leaders training day and tweaked a few of the slides from this morning's assembly. Hmmm... Mary or Martha which am I today - it's so hard to tell...

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