Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ministry Palette

Ministry Palette
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A quick post with a picture I did this evening. It's a response to Bishop John Pritchard's wisdom which he shared with our diocesan clergy and lay ministers today. He talks about ministry being something beautiful for God which is individual to each of us but painted from a common pallete of three colours:
Gold - the Glory of God
Red - the pain of the world
Blue - the renewal of the church

I had several interesting discussion about how this whole metaphor might be expanded and explored and it has rather planted a seed of an idea in my mind which I might well pursue.

In the short term I responded with this picture using just red yellow and blue - actually something of a challenge. I found not using any white very difficult I did manage some green orange and purple from the mix and wonder if those three primary colours lead to the three additional colours. Bihsop John spoke of Green being our own lives - perhaps as I understood it being built from the renewal through the Glory of God, Purple being a specific ministry of service (renewal and pain combined) perhaps a priestly one and orange being healing/ forgiveness (Glory of God and pain of the world combined).

These are certainly just germs of a further thought and the painting is not quite what I usually would end up with because of the restricted pallete (none of my trademark cerulean!!) and wonder what the place of WHITE might be in the palette. One of the vicar's questioned the absence of black as well. hmmm...

A thought in process...


Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Many thanks for sharing it. Sarah. Will await developments, now blue touchpaper has been lit...

Doug Chaplin said...

I have to confess – I got hung up on his colours: for me blue is much more a colour of pain and red a colour of life and energy. Then there was that geeky side which wanted to adopt an additive palette of RGB and wondering how that would work out: all the colours blended do white – God????

Sarah Brush said...

Thanks Alan.

Doug, I've had discussions before with more scientifically minded people about light rather than pigment primary colours. Personally I think in pigment so it works for me. I was pondering whether white might actually be our own personalities... without the rest we're the blank canvas but blend US with the gold red and blue and you get somethign beautiful for God with different shades included. I suppose, in answer to one of the vicar's yesterday the black therefore might be temptation or sin and some pictures with some of that have more stark definition.

More to think about still!