Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God Gazebo

God Gazebo 1
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I finally got the four panels of the inside of the gazebo painted today. It's certainly a lot harder to get acrylic to go on to the plastic in a way which is appealing to the eye. I'm much happier with the last three panels I did than with the first when I was really just getting a feel of how the paint was moving.

Disappointingly the silver paint just looks grey so my plans for using silver and gold have changed.

I also need to work out whether I want to put something on the outside too. I might just write GOD GAZEBO on the outside of the segment I like least!!

I am on leave and my colleague told me off for doing this when I'm not working but it was FAR TOO MUCH FUN to count as work and I was able to take such a leisurely pace doing it. If I'd been doing WORK I'd have felt really guilty about taking so long as there are so many useful things I could be doing!!

Let me know what you think anyway.

In addition to the inside painting I'm working on some bead hangings and one of the pics shows M on the outdoor bean bag (covered for painting!!) which we've bought for it. There will also be some thought provoking things for the young people to look at - when we've thought what might be provoking!


Dymphna said...

Sounds fascinating! What will it be used for?

I am a Catholic blogging from America and am enjoying your blog.

Sarah Brush said...

It's going to be part of a summer "festival" day at our secondary school (high school) and we're going to have some chance for relaxing/reflective prayer and some thought provoking "issue" type stuff. It's basically the outdoor base for you team of chaplains for the day!

Dymphna said...

That sounds like a great idea! How many people did you have working on its construction?

Sarah Brush said...

Just me so far - though my hubby helped me put it up!