Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will the Real David Walker please stand up

Having moved from Oxford diocese where I was for a time in a youthworkers network alongside David Walker when cartooning was a thing he did on the side while being a full time youth worker, I've now moved to Worcester diocese where Bishop David Walker is the bishop of Dudley. This has made me smile every now and then, it has to be said. Well the two have now met up and been photographed in Dave's cartoonist in residence tent at Lambeth.

I've enjoyed following the shennanigans at the pre-conference retreat so far through Dave's eyes which may not be the most high-brow view of affairs but, as Dave says, the bishops seem able to laugh at themselves which must be a good start to a conference that may well be fraught with conflict. May the ministry of laughter continue as the week goes on.

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